Aquí No Es Así

(Coming Soon)

A supernatural/ drama film that challenges the perspective of our values, culture, and how far we go for what we truly love.

The Story: Juan, an undocumented immigrant, awakens from a work-related injury to an unexpected reality. His life takes a turn when he meets Leticia, the love of his life. Their romance reveals a chilling secret about his accident, thrusting Juan into a nightmarish realm where shattered dreams and sobering truths converge. As he grapples with his circumstances, Juan discovers he's living through two variations of his life, simultaneously experiencing a parallel existence in an alternative universe.

The Why: This is not another immigrant story about border crossing or drug dealers. This is a human story that provokes questions about what we value as humans, as mothers and fathers. It asks us to confront our values and brings nuance to what has often been portrayed as a stereotypical experience. This film shows the authentic face of our fellow brown person without vilifying or victimizing the Latinx community.


Andres Londono


Actor, Producer, Director, Writer. Andres Londono is known for Thousand Fangs (2021), Narcos: Mexico (2018) and Fear the Walking Dead (2015).


Viviana Serna


Actor, Producer. Viviana Serna is known for Las Pelotaris (2023), Narcos: Mexico (2018) and Between Sea And Land (2016)


Jonathan De La Torre


Actor, Producer, Director, Writer. Jonathan De La Torre is known for Cartas Para Axél (2022), Avivar (2023) and The Long Walk of Carlos Guerrero (2022).



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